Going green and sustainable


For several years now, Les Jardins du Souvenir has been committed to going green and sustainable in order to substantially reduce its environmental impact. In phases, we have modified our habits and ways of operating to align ourselves with a movement that respects the environment and the Earth. All our employees have undergone training to this effect. By 2025, the shift will be complete, as we will no longer allow any non-degradable materials in our soil. What’s more, all our administrative and field operations will be aligned with sustainable development guidelines.

Our balance sheet is updated every time we reach a new milestone. Follow us on our journey towards a company that aspires to leave a healthy environment for future generations.

Green sections

On September 10, 2023, Les Jardins du Souvenir blessed the organization’s first ecological section at St-Rédempteur Cemetery.

All the materials used came from the Outaouais region. The plants and flowers were all taken from our existing cemeteries. Stones were sourced from local companies. A magnificent water basin provides a serene setting for meditation. This new section will accommodate biodegradable urns only. The cinerary plots can accommodate single individuals, couples and families.

We will be working to create new 100% ecological sections in all our cemeteries. Watch for more work on boul. Fournier for the next one!

Eco-friendly products

Suppliers of funeral products and services are increasingly sensitive to the demands of families, and are creating new, environmentally-friendly products.

Our consultants will be happy to introduce you to urns, caskets and other environmentally-friendly products.

Les Jardins du Souvenir, with its Virage Vert et Durable, offers the widest range of ecological products in the region.