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Funeral ritual options

Some see funeral rites as nothing but a waste of time and money, but avoiding this ceremony can have harmful effects on the bereaved. Years later, many people who have evaded this rite say that they regret it bitterly.

In fact, studies by experts on bereavement show very clearly that the sight of the body of the deceased has a therapeutic and healing effect on the family members. However visitation and seeing the deceases may be hard, it eases suffering and facilitates the process of accepting the loss.

People often think that not seeing the dead and holding onto an image of the person alive are preferable, but unfortunately the truth is quite the opposite. In some cases, particularly with the young, people cannot mourn properly because they cannot assimilate the definitive fact that the person is no more.

The visitation also facilitates release of emotion, and provides an opportunity to share good memories. The visitation rite is the ideal moment to receive testimonials of love and support. Having more time available than just the service itself allows people to truly fraternize and sympathize with the family in mourning.

Les Jardins du Souvenir, Maison funéraire, offers you different options for the display of the deceased:

Option 1

The first option is the traditional way, with the body laid to rest in the funeral parlour for a period determined in consultation with us. Afterwards, it is possible for loved ones to have a final private moment of contemplation to say their final goodbyes to the deceased. A room will be made available to you so that you can gather your thoughts and experience one of the most important stages in the grieving process: the definitive realization that your loved one is no longer with us.

Option 2

We also offer you the possibility of identifying the deceased through a window. In this case, no thanatopraxy is performed, i.e. the body will not have undergone any embalming techniques, but the deceased is professionally dressed and prepared so that we can present him or her to you.

Option 3

Another option is for families to attend the cremation. This can also be an important step in acknowledging that the loved one is no longer with us.

Option 4

As a final option, we also offer the possibility of displaying the urn accompanied by a photo.

All these options allow people to grieve in their own way, with the greatest respect for their rituals, wishes, choices and preferences.

So, when death strikes a family, it’s essential to take the time to mature your decisions. The advisors at Les Jardins du Souvenir, Maison funéraire, are there to support you and help you through this difficult time. You can rest assured that they will provide you with professional, personalized service and the utmost respect for your expectations, to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Service in the presence of the urn or casket

Funeral services in the presence of the urn or coffin are widespread. It’s the ideal way to personalize this ritual. Families wishing to pay tribute to their loved one organize a celebration that is uniquely their own. These days, it’s not uncommon to decorate the reception room to the taste of the deceased, to bring along objects that belonged to him or her, to broadcast videos or photo montages recounting his or her life, to choose the musical ambience and to receive virtual greetings. What’s more, to add a special touch, loved ones will deliver touching testimonials during the ceremony that pays final tribute to a whole life.

At Les Jardins du Souvenir, Maison funéraire, we’ve taken a modern approach. We support families in the funeral process. Instead of running the funeral service for them, we serve the loved ones of the bereaved family. We act as companions, guides and advisors. We look to the future and are constantly seeking new ways to offer you the very best, at the lowest possible cost.

In short, funeral rituals are of paramount importance following a death for Les Jardins du Souvenir, Maison funéraire.

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