Transfer of my funeral pre-arrangements

You made your pre-arrangement 20, 15 or 10 years ago, or more recently, based on your personal situation at the time and the funeral traditions and practices of that time, but now your wishes have changed. Now you would prefer funeral services that are more in keeping with newer trends.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Cancel your current pre-arrangement (check the terms and conditions of cancellation with the funeral home). Note that a penalty of up to 10% is possible. However, a contract signed elsewhere than with a funeral company can be cancelled within 30 days with no penalty;
  2. Cash the reimbursement; and
  3. Plan your last wishes once again with Les Jardins du Souvenir.

The Government of Quebec has specific legislation governing funeral arrangements and pre-arrangements. To find out more, see the Act respecting prearranged funeral services and sepultures, RSQ c. A-23.001.