What to do when a death occurs

What to do when a death occurs

When a death occurs, it’s important to know that the staff of Les Jardins du Souvenir funeral home will be there to assist you. A telephone call is all that is needed to receive guidance from one of our advisors at this difficult time. Rest assured that everything will be done in collaboration with you, with no pressure, in accordance with your wishes and traditions, and what is more, at a reduced cost.

Here is a list of the main things we can do with and for you :

  • Transport of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Full funeral arrangements
  • Legal and administrative formalities
  • Choosing the casket, funerary urn, or any other product
  • Preparation of the deceased
  • The place and time of visitations, the religious service, the Liturgy of the Word, or the funeral service
  • Purchase of a plot or habitat cell (indoor and outdoor columbariums) for interment, choice of monument, engraving, etc.
  • Announcement of the death in the newspapers and other media
  • Choosing bookmarks, flowers, caterers, etc.
  • Management of the service
  • Donations to charitable organizations

No matter where the death occurs, here or in another country, our advisors will guide you through this difficult time.

Finally, the Government of Quebec has produced a very useful guide on what to do in the event of death.

Consult the guide