Please note that our offices will be closed on Friday, April 2 for Good Friday.

We will be opened Saturday April 3 at 9 a.m. and Monday, April 5 at 8 a.m.



Our business hours has been changed. We are now opened at 9 to 5, Mondays to Fridays and 9 to 5 Saturdays.



The team

Board of directors

  • Gérald Gratton, chair of the board of directors
  • Pierre-Paul Racine, director and vice-chairman
  • Gilbert Houle, director and treasurer
  • Jean-Yves Prévost, director and secretary
  • Françoise Giroux, director    
  • Gaétane Malette-Donovan, director
  • Lucie Saint-Jacques, director

Management Team

  • Daniel Dezainde, general manager
  • Stéphane Martineau, manager, cemetery services
  • Lorraine Lapratte, manager, funeral services
  • Luc Miron, team leader, transport attendants, funeral and burial attendants
  • Natacha Cousineau, executive assistant for the management team

Family Advisors


  • Chantal Patry, family advisor-funeral
  • Geneviève Poulin, family advisor-funeral
  • Angéla Doyon, embalmer and family advisor-funeral
  • Luc Tremblay, family advisor-funeral


  • Paul Colto, prearrangement and cemeteries advisor
  • Pierre Gravel, prearrangement and cemeteries advisor


  • Émilie Halverson, family advisor-cemeteriess
  • Francis Martineau, family advisor-cemeteries
  • Suzie Arsenault, Family advisor - cemeteries
  • Gaëlle Jean, 

Administrative Staff

  • Jessica Peterson, executive assistant, cemetery department
  • Suzie Arsenault, family advisor cemeteries, manager of the Aylmer branch
  • Doris Tremblay, administrative assistant in accounting
  • Carl Roney, Accounting clerk
  • Odile Thomann, accounting thecnician
  • Émilie Lafrenière, receptionist

Funeral Directors and Assistants

  • Guy Dumontier
  • André Pelletier
  • Jean Marie Pilon
  • Michel Tessier
  • Luc Tremblay

Crematorium operator

  • Charles Dubuc

Transport Attendants

  • Denis Blanchette
  • Louis Séguin

Cemeteries Operations Team

  • Michel Auger
  • Maxime Archambault
  • Pierre Charrette
  • Yvon Charron
  • Jacques Crête
  • Jonathan Desjardins
  • Julie Durand

Cemeteries Seasonnal Operations

  • Michel Brissette
  • Daniel Guillemette
  • Chantal Larcher
  • Daniel Latulippe
  • Sylvain Philippe
  • Mario Normand
  • Shawn Chauvin
  • Patrick Carrière
  • Denis Dupuis
  • Frédérik Martin