Visitation and service in the presence of the body or the ashes

Visitation of the deceased and possible options

Some see funeral rites as nothing but a waste of time and money, but avoiding this ceremony can have harmful effects on the bereaved. Years later, many people who have evaded this rite say that they regret it bitterly.

In fact, studies by experts on bereavement show very clearly that the sight of the body of the deceased has a therapeutic and healing effect on the family members. However visitation and seeing the deceases may be hard, it eases suffering and facilitates the process of accepting the loss.

People often think that not seeing the dead and holding onto an image of the person alive are preferable, but unfortunately the truth is quite the opposite. In some cases, particularly with the young, people cannot mourn properly because they cannot assimilate the definitive fact that the person is no more.

The visitation also facilitates release of emotion, and provides an opportunity to share good memories. The visitation rite is the ideal moment to receive testimonials of love and support. Having more time available than just the service itself allows people to truly fraternize and sympathize with the family in mourning.

At Les Jardins du Souvenir we offer various options for visitation of the deceased. The first option is the traditional visitation in the funeral parlour for a certain number of hours. A last goodbye can also be said with the family for a few minutes to one hour.

This takes place in a private room, allowing people to reflect and to be exposed to a stage that is very important for a definitive realization that the loved one is really gone. We also offer identification of the deceased, which takes place through a window. No embalming is carried out for this, but the deceased is dressed and prepared very professionally for a very good presentation. Another choice is for the family to attend the cremation ceremony: for some, this too is an important stage. All of these options allow people to mourn in their own way, in accordance with their rites, their wishes, their choices and their preferences.

When a death occurs, it is absolutely essential that the family take the time to consider their decisions carefully. The advisors at Les Jardins du Souvenir are available for all of these reasons and many more – and above all, to offer you professional and personal service that respects your needs and your peace of mind.

Service in the presence of the urn or casket

The customized service has become the norm. Families wish to pay tribute to the loved one by organizing a celebration that is unique. These days it is not uncommon to completely change the decor, to bring objects that belonged to the deceased, to show videos or photo montages depicting the life of the deceased, or even to choose the musical ambiance and receive virtual wishes. And personal accounts by family and friends will naturally add unique and touching notes to the event.

We at Les Jardins du Souvenir have joined the modern age, in the sense that we support the wishes of the family. Instead of directing, as once was customary, we are at the service of the family. We act as supports, guides and advisors. We are oriented toward the future, and we are constantly looking for new ways to offer better options to families, and at a lower cost.

To summarize, then, funeral rites are of paramount importance in the wake of the death of a loved one. They serve to:

  • recognize a life lived
  • confirm the reality of the death
  • act as a meeting place for family and friends
  • experience our grief and exchange our thoughts and feelings
  • recall memories of the deceased
  • express our emotions, comfort and support to the family
  • better experience the stages of mourning
  • facilitate the resumption of daily life.