Community Involvements

Community Involvements

The Jardins du Souvenir team is proud to contribute to several projects in the regional community.

In 2021, following expansion work on the Maison Mathieu Froment Savoie, Les Jardins du Souvenir offered “Le Jardin” as a gift to the palliative care center which is the honor of our region.

Designed and created entirely by our employees, the Jardins du Souvenir wanted to show its gratitude to the employees and the many volunteers who are the heart and soul of the institution with this donation.

Maison Mathieu Froment Savoie welcomes people at the end of their lives and their loved ones to support them during their last moments in an environment of compassion and respect for each individual.

In 2023, it is at the brand new Résidence le Monarque in Plaisance that our team has created a beautiful terrace to offer an outdoor rest and rejuvenation space to people at the end of their lives and their loved ones.

Leave only the beautiful memories.

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